• Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    CEO of Magna Leadership Solutions, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Management Expert, Professor, Speaker, and Author. Contact: Kevin@Magnaleadership.com

  • Avi Zukerman

    Avi Zukerman

    At the frontier of innovation, real estate, data science and capital markets. Building the next gen, tech enabled capital advisory. Director at Lev.

  • Peter Bubel

    Peter Bubel

    #Parent, manager & active community member. Quality #propertymanagement & advice @ PANA Rentals. Education & entrepreneurship advocate. #Sports & #BBQ ethusiast

  • Milana Lysenkova

    Milana Lysenkova

    Author, appreciator of visual.

  • Kevin Brunnock

    Kevin Brunnock

    Kevin Brunnock is a NYC Realtor that enjoys discovering new restaurants in New York City as well as being a wine enthusiast

  • Anant Sharma

    Anant Sharma

    MD @matterofform, brand interaction agency

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